Glamping: outdoor feeling, comfort & a hint of adventure

How on earth are those tent poles supposed to work? And where did we put the can opener? Hmmm. Yes, a camping holiday can be really marvelous. But only when the tent is standing, the inflatable sleeping mat is blown up, the sleeping bag has been rolled out and the camp stove has been lit. And you wake up in the morning without too much of a stiff neck. If you – like me – are a "#naturelover at heart", you enjoy the benefits of a holiday in nature, but simultaneously prefer not to forgo the luxury of accommodations that are already waiting for you (and in which you can also stand up straight), then today we have a great tip for you!


Glamping! The new trend. The perfect combination of outdoor feeling and comfort. Glamping is a term that is actually a blend of two words that say it all, “glamorous” and “camping”, in other words, camping with a hint of luxury. No equipment needed, not even a can opener. You will spend your nights in extraordinary accommodations, your options encompassing everything from treehouses to re-functioned wine vats, from tiny houses to luxury tents. Community showers and WCs were yesterday. Today’s glamping facilities include a private bathroom and a real bed. But in addition to comfort, the glamper also values nature and special outdoor experiences. That’s why most glamping locations are in idyllic settings with opportunities for active recreation in nature. Which also applies to our newest “ALPS baby”: Glamping Village Kötschach in Gailtal, Carinthia.



Our new ALPS RESORT in Gailtal, Carinthia, close to the Italian border, consists of treehouses, luxury tents and glamping chalets. On the forest’s edge and in an idyllic hillside setting, it is the perfect “base” for your glamping holiday in the Austrian mountains, between the Carnic and Gailtal Alps. Our glamping accommodations are fully equipped, which means: You will be sleeping in comfy beds, be able to freshen up in the bathroom under a tropical rain shower, in the fully equipped kitchen you will find a range, dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, while in the treehouse and glamping chalet, you will even enjoy the convenience of a stove and microwave. In this new ALPS RESORT, you will also discover encounter zones, nature playgrounds, grill sites and yoga decks. And if nature weren’t enough, there is also plenty of wellness: directly next to the Glamping Resort is the Aquarena Water & Wellness Oasis (free admission for our guests, excl. sauna area). The treehouses and glamping chalets are also open in winter, the small Vorhegg Family Ski Area borders on our Glamping Village, while the Nassfeld is easily reached using the free ski shuttle.


  • A HOLIDAY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. It smells of adventure. Your kids’ eyes beam with excitement when they see the cool accommodations, grill “stick bread” over the campfire and explore the nature playground. Mom and dad enjoy seeing their children so content in nature, with no iPad or mobile phone in sight. As we all know: Happy kids mean happy parents! And what about the grandparents? They love it, too, since glamping gives them all the comforts they need. Because, maybe, they feel just a little too old for a tent and communal sanitary facilities – and thanks to glamping, they don’t have to forego the opportunity for a relaxed camping vacation with the family.


  • A THOROUGHLY EXTRAORDINARY HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE. Campfire romance, starry skies, adventure. But that feeling of adventure doesn’t just apply to the accommodations. The Gailtal valley in Carinthia is a wonderful region for active holidaymakers. The opportunities range from rafting and canyoneering tours, fixed-cable rock climbs, and hikes along the “Via della Pace”, to leisurely days spent next to an outdoor pool or on a (mountain) lake. In the First Slow Food Travel Region, you also have the chance to watch local producers go about their work. As they crank out Carinthian-style noodles or create full flavored cheeses.


  • GLAMPING MAKES YOU HAPPY. How easy it is. Nature slows us down, mellows us out. Time spent outdoors is reenergizing and liberating. With so much fresh air, your sleep is deeper and sounder, vitamin D gives a natural boost to your immune system and your overall well-being. Imagine this: Stepping out onto the terrace of your treehouse in the morning, stretching, taking a deep breath of the fresh forest air, feeling the first rays of sunshine on your nose. Even the birds are happy that you can hear their cheerful song… Glamping simply makes everybody happy. Also because, on the campground, in the encounter zones, at the grill sites and natural playgrounds, it is so much easier to make new friends. Social contact is immensely important for our general health – just remember what we went through this last couple of years!


So, do you think a glamping holiday in Kötschach – in Gailtal, Carinthia - would be perfect for you and your family? Ready for a nature adventure in comfort? Then write to us – my colleagues look forward to receiving your enquiry! And me? I will be outdoors… listening to the birds and enjoying nature. See you soon!

Photo materials (c) Snowshoeing: Kärnten Werbung, Michael Stabentheiner; Cheese making: Kärnten Werbung, Slow Food Alpe Adria Wolfgang Hummer; Discovering nature with children: Kärnten Werbung, Michael Stabentheiner

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